Please note that we are no longer taking new clients, or establishing new client-attorney relationships.


We have decided instead to devote all of our time, energy and resources into establishing the premiere consulting firm that will seek to educate as many individuals and families as possible in understanding the risks and realities that they will encounter as they retire, age, and die, and which can then assist them in finding appropriate professional advisors to help them in their planning or crisis management (such as attorneys, financial planners, in-home care managers, social workers, dementia-care nurses, ...).  Please feel free to visit    


However, as Barry Kozak is still an attorney, licensed in Illinois, please contact him for short-term projects (such as special research, drafting assistance, or expert testimony) in the "retirement planning," "elder law," and "estate planning" fields of practice.  Call him at 1.312.238.9191 or email him at


Thanks for your support.